Wake Up - Without The Mac Truck

You know how sometimes we get hit by a lot of roadblocks at the same time in our lives.  Things that should be easy become hard like sending an email and having it bounce back, then realising you have wrong address and you can’t find correct one, then finally your computer freezes and you just say “Shit, I give up!” Of course there are far more serious challenges but the energetics are similar.

At the moment there are clusters of negative energy whether it be around relationships, money, power, work or even purpose that seem to not want to play the game we so “deserve” of “everything going right for us”!

What if we are now travelling through realities where we have an opportunity to completely be cleaned out of old beliefs, emotions and ways that have become obsolete? 

How about knowing nothing, or being completely in the unknown where there are no set ways or beliefs of how things should be? Sometimes to get into this space we need to let go and feel our emotional baggage whether it be loss, betrayal, devastation or hopelessness.

“I’m finding when I get hit by these clusters it sends me into the same old pattern of “want to give up”, “not fair”, “I try so hard” and many other deeper beliefs of sabotage.  I get stuck in duality and try and work it out from there and obviously the pattern repeats.”

As more light and consciousness comes through we are becoming more sensitive and open, even if we are not aware of it.  This sensitivity enables a deeper connection and ability to travel beyond where we have previously been to find our original life force.

“During this time I have been drawn to listen to nature, particularly trees and the unconditional, unacknowledged energetic tune they play.  I feel the space they provide for us to resonate with that tune has the ability to bring us home to our natural self.”

Challenge in our lives activates old patterns of coping which is not how we free ourselves.  What if opening to the not knowing allows us, with our increased sensitivity, to start hearing the tune of nature and start to feel our natural alignment with it. We may start to hear Mother Earth’s heartbeat as part of the universal Galactic alignment to bring us home.

Maybe as humans we are out of tune as we continue to live a dualistic life and handle things accordingly.  What if there was a whole reality we actually existed in that has always been here but we have never freely connected to it?  Where our energy would shift effortlessly and be able to help stabilise our planet.

It is possible that we have become reactive to life and the only way we can move is to be challenged.  What if we became active with life and moved through it by being outside it yet part of it and finding the spark in every moment….after all was our original mission as beings to experience life yet not get attached to it?

Love Jilly

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