The Silent Gardener

As I sat on my stool at the Kirribilli café on the harbour, I gazed out of the window and merged with everything I saw.  It was a beautiful sunny, blue sky day where everyone seemed happy to be alive. 

My window scenery was so picturesque. It overlooked a park filled with people, children and dogs playing, running, eating, talking and gardening, yes gardening! 

From this elevated position I started to tune into the energy of all the living things in front of me.  I noticed I was drawn to different people energetically without really knowing why. 

There was one energy I kept coming back too.  It was a man kneeling in the very distance attending to a community garden.  I couldn’t really see what he was doing but he was giving something, all of his attention.

It was a lazy Sunday and as I finished my coffee I decided to walk the perimeter of the beautiful foreshore park. 

I continued to be drawn to the kneeling man who was gardening. Rather than interrupt him I just starting enjoying the beauty of the plants.  A lady said “Come in and have a look!” as there was a fence around the gardening beds. 

I walked through the heartfelt community garden filled with spring onions, ox heart tomatoes, silver beet, garlic, rosemary, curry leaves, poppies and much, much more, drinking in the energy each plant was offering.

 I felt so enriched, however I was still attracted to the kneeling man.  A lady passed by and I said to her “This is a beautiful garden, so full of love.”  She pointed to the man and said “He’s responsible for that!”

I followed my instincts and went over to the man and said “I just wanted to acknowledge you for the love you put into this garden.  I was way over there in the café having coffee and I could feel your love from there!” “I particularly felt this garden that you are working on.”

He said “Oh, there’s not much growing at the moment” I said “That doesn’t matter because I can feel you in the soil, the earth and your connection with it.  He said “Oh it’s everyone who contributes!”

I said “ I understand, however today I wanted to acknowledge you and the beauty and love that you are.”  He smiled and I continued on with my walk.

I felt so fulfilled with this exchange that the day became even brighter as I made my way home. I started to notice all the plants and trees along the busy suburban street seemed to be talking to me, it was an "out of this world" experience!

The silent gardener had demonstrated that without words, in the silence of unconditional love, our energy can be felt and makes a huge difference.  

Love Jilly

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