About Our Co Founder Jilly

I have a corporate background that changed dramatically in my late thirties. 

I’d always had a love of people and was fascinated with what makes us tick.   I’d been working in international sports marketing and one day picked up the phone and enrolled to study psychology, eventually opening my own practice in Sydney.

I combined my passions of people and business and created a number of Professional Workplace Programs to improve working relationships and cultures. I also worked with many private individuals who wanted a holistic approach to life that included the emotional, physical, mental and spiritual.

After a number of years I was drawn to Noosa on the Sunshine Coast where I regularly commuted back to Sydney for clients.

This move seemed to align more with my nature and I started to work differently, holistically, adapting to change and the new freedom I felt.

On the Sunshine Coast I worked with management and staff in wellness businesses to improve the level of care and effective communication in workplaces.

I have endeavoured to live from a bigger picture of life which has helped tremendously with maintaining a healthy outlook.  When I thought about what has helped me the most physically, it was aligning to natural produce and products. 

Kathy has been a client of mine for over 15yrs.  Together we have worked with her management and staff to create caring, communicative, inspiring workplaces where people enjoy coming to work.

We felt it was time to combine our vast skills and expertise and create a range of Organic Haircare, Skincare, Energy Products and Wellness Information to share with you. We hope they may bring some joy and upliftment to you and your family.



About Our Co Founder Kathy

“I’ve been a working Hairdresser/Beauty Therapist for over 34 years and owned many highly successful businesses around Australia.

My appointment book was always full, whether it be Mrs Jones or a well-known celebrity.

I have a particular passion for product and love finding the best as it makes my job easier to deliver the results for my clients.

I could see how happy clients felt when they were looked after and always knew this was the real reward of the hairdressing profession.

More than ever before, clients now care about what they put on their hair and in their bodies. We have all become more conscience and ethical about what we use and the effects it may have.

I have also changed and become more aware of the ingredients in products. I have been surprised by the real difference chemical free products can make. It might initially be subtle, but after constant use of organic ingredients I found my hair and skin started to perform differently. My long curly hair became easier to manage and healthier, looking more beautiful and my skin seemed to have a new glow. The big thing I noticed was my general well-being also improved.

I was so impressed, I decided to join with a beautiful and trusted friend Jilly, from the wellbeing industry and create our own brand of organic hair and skincare products.   

She is a Noosa girl and I’m a Sydney girl and together we created Good Vibrations Noosa to share these amazing organic products. Not only do they perform and produce great results but the closer to nature means the closer we are to finding our true selves.