My Fairy Trip

I jumped on my favourite thing to do, catch the ferry on Sydney Harbour.  Six months ago when I moved on a whim from Noosa to Sydney, I made sure I rented near the water.

I’m sitting on my regular seat outside at the back and watching the churn of the wash as the vista of Sydney city’s skyline fades into the background.

My thoughts are drawn to all the people sitting in those offices coping with life and trying to succeed.  I wonder whether they look out the window and see me on the ferry or are they on “automatic pilot” with their attention focussed on the doing to retain their jobs?

I have no answers but I ponder, do we only see what draws our attention?  I see the façade of a physical building but the true energetics of that space would be what is happening inside.

Perhaps that relates to us?

My attention is diverted to the white wispy cloud pattern drawn on the blue sky and it reminds me to stop putting so much focus on my work, success and coping to deliver results.

I start to feel the sky I am seeing, rather than just observing it.  I feel warm, like a sparkling joy within.  So much so I decide to stay on the ferry and let it take me wherever it is going and to have whatever experience I am meant too.  In that moment I feel free and nothing has to make sense.  I have no destination.

 I’m flowing from one moment to the next and can feel the tightness of my mind’s confining thoughts releasing and enabling space for an internal bigger picture.

My focus ceases to be separate from what I was seeing on the outside and I became one with the inside.

I end up in this most picturesque, enchanted bay at Mosman Wharf.  I see a welcoming café with an empty seat right on the edge of the clear harbour waters. 

I’m always up for an almond latte, so decide that nurturing seat was going to be my home.

Comfortably seated and enjoying my coffee I suddenly feel compelled to write. I have a pen in my bag but no paper so I asked the fresh, faced barista for a paper bag.  I’m sure he wonders why I need a bag and then is most surprised when I start writing on it! 

From that moment I wrote this story.  My day had totally changed. 

I had planned to spend the day at home, indoors working at the computer and trying to find something to write about that was meaningful and that others might relate too.  Instead I wrote this meaningless story…or is it?



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