Change Your Environment With A Stellar Dome

Our promotion with the Double Tree Hilton Hotel in Melbourne has had an amazing response.  We are so excited that large businesses are acknowledging that the presence of EMR energy can possibly affect the quality of a guest's experience when staying in hotel rooms.

Imagine the number of people that visit daily and the turnover of energies.  The Orgone Stellar Dome Violet Flame harmonises postive ions emitted from everything technical, electrical and environmental into negative ions.  This includes the bioplasmic energy we all carry which can contain postive ions.

We all have good and bad days and I'm sure you have noticed when you walk into a room and someone is angry, you don't need to say a word because you can feel the energy.  This is where the Stellar Dome harmoniser is able to immediately clear the heavy positive ion field into a lighter negative ion field. 

Just like the feeling of nature.  You know how it feels when you have been for a swim in the ocean and you get out and towel yourself dry, how refreshing does it feel?  You have been swimming in negative ions and your body loves it!

It's not to say the Stellar Dome clears anger or illnesses for that matter, but it provides a clear, healthy space that benefits everyone and adds less stressful EMR to any situation.

Will keep you posted on the progress.  Thank you to everyone for your kind support and encouragement to keep communicating wellbeing messages:)




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