Business Nurture Double Tree Hilton Hotel

“I couldn’t believe it when I got the email!” It was from the Double Tree Hilton Hotel, Melbourne advising they were planning an exciting activation and would love to collaborate with us.

We had just launched our website, Good Vibrations Noosa, created to help people raise their physical wellbeing by using Australian organic products, EMR protection devices, natural sleep aids, ionic diffusers, organic essential oils and much more.

Alejandra, from the Hilton explained in the email how they “understood the importance of a good night’s sleep and wanted to create the perfect environment for a deeper and longer rest.  They wanted guests to feel relaxed and experience greater wellbeing in their rooms where everything was designed to reduce anxiety and daily distractions”.

“Wow!” I thought to myself. “How exciting is that for a major hotel to recognise the need to, not just provide a room, but to give the guest an experience to enhance their health.”  I immediately felt uplifted by this communication and rang them to find out more.

(You know how sometimes words do not match the actions?  Well in this case, they exceeded my expectations.)

First we talked a little, then I painted a picture of what we could provide.

“When your guests walk into the room they will immediately feel relaxed and be able to take a deep breath knowing this was the experience they needed.

Gentle aromatherapy would float in the air, a Lively Living Aroma Snooze diffuser playing peaceful music, beautiful silk Flower of Life pillows on the bed, no buzzing of technology(Orgone Stellar Dome Violet Flame), just clear space for rest and restoration.

 Guests would also feel the difference when they showered with Good Vibrations Noosa’s range of Australian organic shampoos, conditioners and exotic blossom body wash.

They certainly will feel cared for.”

Fortunately we were both on the same page and Alejandra said, “we would love to do it all!” and that’s how it all began.

What really excites me about this collaboration is businesses that are prepared to “come out of the box” of traditional ways of how business has been done, into fresh, new ways for today and what people need now.

We have all traversed through extremely challenging times and many of us, if not all of us need a little nurturing and care for self along the way.

Whether it be an amazing hotel experience like the Double Tree Hilton, the top of a mountain or the sands of Noosa may you give a little nurturing to yourself and know we are all in this together.

Jilly Gabrielson

Good Vibrations Noosa

(FYI – Double Tree Hilton Hotel Melbourne Promotion Commences May 9, 2022 for three months should you wish give yourself this experience in their “Chill Out” Rooms:) 



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