The Sliding Doors Are Now Open!

We can reflect on the past and know the future exists but right now what is the best move we can make?

Everything comes into present time and it is the connection with this space that opens all possibilities.

When decisions are made from the present it is not knee-jerk reactions, as some would think. It connects us to a consistent field of relationship with our inner self and the outer world allowing a more wholesome movement to occur combining from our mind, body and spirit.  This aligns us to the bigger picture of life and co-ordinates with what is meant to happen for us to evolve.

We all have a divine pathway that is specific to us. This path has an individual  tune or vibration which helps us be more ourselves, even if we want to ignore it, we are still  moving with it.

By listening, and trusting the universe is on our side, it will give us what we need, rather than what we want.  This develops a more stable inner core where we are less reliant and effected by external influences.

Through our life we have experiences and gather emotions that take us one way or another. With awareness we are able to let go of the past and be in present time.  This links us to an inner knowing and feeling that we are on track, no matter what challenges play out.

A decision made from this knowingness brings us into integrity with ourselves. It's like we trust ourselves to operate naturally rather than letting our mind always be in charge.

It is a little bit like sliding opportunity opens for us to slip through.  Do we think about it, look at the pros and cons, discuss it, sleep on it, write down a plan and decide yes, but the door has already closed.  Or do we tune in and jump into the unknown to have the experience?

Most of us use our mind to determine moves as we believe it keeps us safe and secure. Better to make no move, rather than a wrong move. Therefore everything we do must be thought about and planned. This creates a linear life that is based only on the physical world and limits our expansion.

However, if you are someone who loves freedom and likes to explore and discover, this way may be too confining and restrictive for you? Often we can feel out or sorts in "normal" environments and we don't understand why we can't fit in and do what everyone else is doing.

It's not what happens to us, but how we handle what happens. If we view the situation as hard it will be hard, if we see it as an opportunity to raise our awareness to something greater, a totally different experience will be created.

Love Jilly  

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