Ten Ways To Increase Your Energy

  1. Remember we are nature and part of the natural biological system of this planet, therefore our bodies respond to everything that is natural. Your body, face, hair and internal systems all operate better with natural produce and products as it also aligns our ethics.
  2. Sleep on natural fibres such as organic cotton sheets or silk. We have beautiful Flower of Life Mulberry Silk Pillowcases that assist with better and deeper sleep along with hair and skin smoothness.
  3. Organic hair and skin products nourish and wholesomely feed our system rather than harsh chemical intervention.  Our range is specifically formulated with the most natural organic ingredients to deliver amazing results.  
  4. Oral Health is extremely important to our general health. Have regular check-ups and try not to use chemical toothpaste. Our anti-bacterial, anti-fungal Tooth Tonic contains a blend of highly effective essential oils to help with mouth and gum hygiene.
  5. Sunscreen is not only important for protection against the sun but also to keep our skin blemish free.  Our natural Avocado Zinc has an invisible finish with 50+ sun protection. Also available in a tinted moisturiser for  light facial covering.   
  6. Healthy natural, balanced eating and drinking good quality water.  Listen to your body. Suggested supplement for more energy is MSM.  MSM helps the cells stay pliable allowing toxins to release and nutrients to be absorbed creating optimum health.  Also great for joint pain relief, healthy bones and hair.  
  7. Exercise Daily for thirty minutes. You can help to increase blood circulation in your legs with Orgone Ener-Soles in your trainers. Also Orgone Watch/Tracker Harmoniser for EMR protection.
  8. Home/Work Environment can be uplifted by cleaning the air using organic citrus oils and ionic diffusers.
  9. Technology Overload can be minimised with the Geoclense Home/Work Harmoniser and Mobile Harmonisers on all devices.  These products harmonise the toxic positive ions created from electrical, technical and environmental devices into healthy negative ions.    
  10. When we view our life and challenges from a Bigger Picture it gives us space for opportunities and possibilities to open up rather than staying in our small picture of confining thoughts.   

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