Have Your Habits Changed With Changing Times?

When you wake up in the morning, swing your legs out of bed and your feet touch the ground, do you know your body switches on for your physical day?  It has come out of its night slumber and is engaged and making decisions for how your day will unfold. 

Most of us operate on automatic pilot from early morning to evening without being in present time.  It may look more  like “ Wake up, 30mins exercise, shower, dress, breakfast, grab coffee, travel to work, do work, travel home, have dinner, watch Netflix or with kids, school drop offs, pick-ups included”.   

Few of us are aware that each moment of our day is an opportunity to stay present and truly connect with ourselves to make fresh decisions more in tune with the moment rather than tired old ones connected to the past or future.

When we are present we engage our whole self, not just our mind and it brings us in tune with the natural flow of life and opens opportunities and possibilities.  This wholesome energetic acknowledges we are more than the physical body and naturally makes us more aware.

Tuning into this field enables us to make better decisions. Our body is constantly giving us signals to work with but we often don’t listen. The body responds so much more when eating natural produce and using natural products as their source is closer to the original form rather than man-made chemicals and fillers.

We now live in a world where everything is changing…maybe it’s time to tune in more to the new you as your vibration has changed too.  Have your habits?

Love Jilly

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