A Quick Way Through Challenges

Often through habit we keep doing the same thing, the same way and get the same result.

It becomes so automatic we don’t even realise, changing the way we do it, could deliver a different outcome.

This happens when challenges come into our life.  No matter how big or small they throw our internal senses out of kilter and we go to our default setting which can be stress, shut down, fight back or ignore. 

When we close our senses down it takes us into our mind and a smaller picture of working our way out of the uncomfortable place.

It is helpful to know we can change this.  A habit or pattern that started a long time ago can simply be shifted when we become “aware” if we change our thinking we will change the outcome.   

I'm not talking about intellectual awareness where you know you do certain things, but the pattern continues.  True awareness is an energetic shift whereby you experience the effects your behaviour is having on self and others. 

By being more conscious of our thoughts we automatically connect with our whole self (mind, body and spirit). Engaging in life this way takes us into a bigger picture where we can view things from an expanded perspective. 

It is our ability to be flexible, to see things from different viewpoints, to understand that we may think we want or deserve something, but the universe may have other plans more aligned with our true nature.

By being prepared to look within to find a way through testing times there is always somewhere to move. We create our world and have the capacity to change anything in our life if we are willing to let go of having it a specific way.

When challenging situations come along, embrace them and know it is the greatest way to increase our awareness and free old and long outmoded thoughts and beliefs that have restricted our life.

You will find an internal freedom that starts to grow and through greater self-connection our abilities increase where we are able to handle any situation and fly.

Love Jilly    

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