Restoration of Family Love

I have my hope factor back around love, not that it really went anywhere, it’s just I experience so much family separation in my work and life.

I’m discovering more and more how separate from our true heartfelt self we have become.  To cope with the gap we rely more on the physical and our mind to control things, rather than our heart to feel things.

I work with people around restoring love and particularly in families as we are all connected in a natural familiar pattern that is meant to flow freely in giving and receiving energy that keeps the love frequency activated. When this is blocked, there is no love.

Currently I am working with a number of family groups.  One member of a family will contact me to do a one on one Awareness Session.  Making that call means they are ready and want to change things in their life.

That simple internal acknowledgement activates them and when we come together we are able to explore and discover with openness to find the truths and untruths they are holding on to.

It is such an honour to be trusted to travel with them into a heartfelt space where deep understanding can take place which allows protective behaviours to be recognised and dissolved.

I have witnessed when sons and daughters are estranged from their parents, the devastation they hold deep within of their separation.  The children avoid the upset at all costs, so the untrue beliefs, that helped them cope with estrangement, stay in place.

Together we travel into their feelings enabling them to discover the truth and release the untrue beliefs they have held onto for a long time.

It is a very natural process that brings out their true self and an amazing sense of relief occurs through understanding, they are not their behaviours or beliefs.

When I work with another member from the same family I can feel how inter-connected we all are.  When one releases their “stuff” it creates space for another to release theirs and so on.

The amount of negative parental energy is significant as there is little understanding that parents have also been parented with their parents “stuff” as well. It can be generational, hereditary, cultural or emotional patterns of behaviour that have conditioned us all.  Most, based on fear, of not being enough.

Nothing needs to be complicated when restoring family love. It’s whoever can move first moves, not because they have to, because they want to.

Often the children are waiting for the parents to go first, however the spiritual of family love may unwind sequentially, like a code and deep within we us all we probably know when it is our time to make a move.

While it is natural, it is also courageous to step up on behalf of, not only restoring self-love,  but restoring love for the greater good.

What we don’t realise is every move we make we get more of ourselves back as we align into our spiritual integrity of unconditional love, which restores the universal familiar pattern of humanity and oneness on this planet and beyond.

Love Jilly




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