The Life Of Long Hair

Our hair and particularly long hair can be hanging on our head for a number of years. It’s usually been through a lot, like exposure to the sun, chlorine or salt water, wind and air conditioning. Not to mention thermal styling and colouring. This is just part of how we look after our hair to enjoy life.

Generally, you can’t fix split ends other than to cut them off, and you can’t repair very dry damaged hair, but you can minimize how much breaks off and prevent future breakage. You can replenish moisture, each time you shampoo and condition.

How you care for your hair makes a huge difference!        

You can make your hair feel soft, bouncy and shiny again with certain products that help give the appearance of “It’s life back”. (Back To Life Repair & Strength Shampoo & Conditioner)

The more you look after your hair, the less damage occurs over time. This is done two ways.

  1. The Way You Treat It.
  2. The Products you use.

How We Treat It?

Some of the common mistakes I saw from clients over the years, starting from simple things is, towel drying your hair incorrectly.     

We all tend to want to rough towel dry wet hair, usually to be quick and effective but any hair length and type should be patted dry in one direction top to bottom. This technique stops a lot of damage occurring in the hair follicles as well as prevents knots or split ends.

Another potential damaging technique is the way the hair is combed through when wet.

The correct way to comb wet hair is from the bottom ends first then working up to the top.  I know most like to run straight through from roots to ends when no one is watching, often dragging at the hair. It probably feels natural to do this, working downwards, however, this will hugely increase your chance of breakage.  Pulling on wet hair is like basically giving yourself a haircut by force!     

The Products We Use?

One of my favourite products in our range “ Back to Life Repair and Strength shampoo and conditioner” is fantastic for helping the brush or comb slide through your hair much more easily so there is no grabbing or pulling and therefore drastically reducing breakage.  Not to mention a lot less painful!         

 My hairdresser friends are loving the fact of when at the basin and having to comb through the hair to apply toner, which happens before conditioner, they can do it with ease with this Repair and Strength Shampoo.              

The instant results mean straight off the bat the hair has responded and is far more manageable for whatever come next. This product is particularly good for when you want to straighten and blow dry your hair as it becomes effortless, yet no harmful chemicals and no smoke coming off hair from dryer.

Of course there are many other natural and organic products which I will discuss with you later in other blogs, but for now I hope this helps


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