How To Put Life Into Your Hair

There are many factors that affect our hair and skin. A good healthy diet, limiting stress, using protection (ie hats, sunscreens etc.) and using natural and organic hair and skin care can contribute to healthier hair, skin and body and bring out your glow.

As a makeup Artist, the skin is the main canvas, and the best makeup look starts with radiant skin no matter the age. I’ve seen some client’s skin look more vibrant and radiant, than younger skin, based on how it has been looked after over the years.

I tend to ask a lot of questions when I notice people with beautiful skin.  It is always a similar answer.  “Lots of water, good diet, quality, natural skin care and a healthy life outlook.”

Here are some tips to improve the quality of your skin and hair:-

  1. Healthy Eating“Beauty starts from the inside out.” These types of foods help to bring a natural glow to the skin and hair.  g. eating fatty fish such as salmon, eggs, lean meat, legumes, seeds and nuts, spinach, citrus fruit, tofu, beans, leafy greens, and berries. 
  2. Water - Lots of good quality filtered water at least 8 glasses a day.
  3. Sleep - Good quality sleep.  Use natural fibers to sleep on (E.g. Organic Cotton/Silk). Try and clear your bedroom of any devices and sleep in a dark room.  Endeavour to get to be around 10pm as this is when the natural body clock is starting to shut down.  Try and wake naturally without an alarm. Start tuning in and listen to your body! You might find your patterns will change for the better.
  4. Chemicals - Use as many natural products as you can as the overuse of chemicals can effect our immune system and in turn the quality of our hair, skin and body.  Even think about the general cleaning products you are using as we inhale those fumes with every use.  Particularly in the shower as the steam can have a negative effect on chemicals entering our body. 
  5. Shampooing - Depending on your hair type and quality, the number of times we should shampoo our hair in a week can greatly vary. As a general rule, everyday shampooing can really deplete your natural oils particularly if you use the wrong products. However due to your job or lifestyle this may be necessary. (Further blogs will elaborate in detail how to manage this.) Usually once a week would be the longest you would go without shampooing. For dry or damaged hair, I would recommend a hair mask once a week minimum. 
  6. Brushing and Combing - I rarely use a brush or comb that has little balls on the end of the bristles as they can tear your hair. Natural boar bristle is very good and massages the scalp at the same time. Plus, while those types of brushes and combs are quite an investment that they usually last quite a long time if looked after properly. I still have my Boar bristle brushes from over 20 years.
  7. Supplements - can help improve the quality and strength of our hair, skin and bones. (See benefits of MSM under Wellness Section) and Vitamin D.
  8. Gratefulness - Being grateful for life and not obsessed with how we look. When we do this, everyone is naturally beautiful!


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