Do You Have Dry Skin?

I’m going to give you all my tips and tricks for not only applying the right products, but also things that may be damaging or drying out your skin.

Your skin can become dry in different seasons, or perhaps your skin type is naturally dry all year round. Dry skin loves moisture and if your body isn’t making it then you need to apply it daily.

I love a good facial and the experience of it, but it’s the daily care at home that protects and prolongs beautiful skin for a lifetime of healthy glow, firmness.

Remember when we speak to people, we are looking at their face so why not take care of it.

What is collagen?

It gives us our strength and structure, and plump youthfulness, kind of like stretchiness. The less collagen, the less our skin bounces back and begins to sag.  Dry skin can lose collagen more easily.                                                             

As stated, before in my previous blogs I use the below strategy for skin routines:-                                                                                                                                                    Morning- Protection, Nourishment, Glow

Evening - Cleanse, Repair, Rest

Tip- When cleansing your face only use warm water as hot water will dehydrate your face and make your skin even dryer. If you love a hot shower, then make sure you immediately apply a serum to replenish your skin when out of shower.


Step 1 Cleanse everyday with something gentle like our “Collagen Boost Gentle Facial Cleanser”. These sorts of gentle natural cleansers aim to clean but not damage or dry out the skin. Leaving daily airborne dirt or makeup on the skin breaks down your collagen so cleansing (with the right cleanser) is super important for dry skin types.

Step 2 Protection after cleansing, apply a few drops of a serum like our “Vitamin B Hyaluronic Serum” These serums add a lot of plumpness and moisture to dry skin and give your skin a layer of protection and stimulate collagen production.

Step 3 Nourishment -Don’t forget the eyes. Eye creams are specifically made for the delicate skin surrounding the eyes. Moisturising with eye cream can make a huge difference to fine lines and wrinkles which often appear with dry skin.

Extra Nourishment, as we are talking about dry skin here, I would add this extra serum to help combat dryness. “Brighten Up Vitamin C Serum”. It’s wonderful in stimulating the growth of collagen. This serum gives brightness to dull skin.

Step 4 Glow lock all that good stuff in with a good quality cream moisturiser like our                       “Natural Finish Hydrating Moisturiser” It seals the deal. Serums penetrate and are more light weight. You need a good cream moisturiser to give lasting power all day and really protect and give a barrier with that final layer to the outside world.

Extra Glow, last step, spritz some “Noosa Beauty Hydrating Mist” adding even more moisture. This spray is also perfect for refreshing the skin during the day. It breathes fresh life back into the skin.                                                                                                                                                                    Close your eyes and spray and it will take you to Noosa. So refreshing, so light and yet so moisturising and the scent is enchanting.

Tip-It’s the light hand of layering that creates beautiful skin. Not one product fits all.


 Step 1-Cleanse as above.

Step 2- Repair, after cleansing apply a few drops of our serum “Collagen Enhance Vitamin C Serum” then moisturise and let it work while you sleep. If you have particularly textured skin, you can apply our “Active Retinol Vitamin A Serum” which can smooth out the skin. Only to be used at night.

Tip-One of my favourite things to do for dry skin is apply a 10-minute mask like our “Fresh Start Revitalizing Enzyme Exfoliating Mask.” There is nothing better than clearing away all the dry dead skin. It really does make a difference for softer, smoother skin. Mask once or twice a week.

One of the key game changers for dry skin is sleeping on a silk pillowcase. No more dragging skin in your sleep and creating wrinkles. The more dry skin is not pulled or stretched, the better. Our “Flower of Life Silk Pillowcases” are perfect for dry skin.

Finally, follow nature with a good night’s sleep, a good healthy diet and plenty of water which are the primary keystones to lovely looking skin.

Joy in your life will show on your face. 



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