Do Anti-radiation Stickers Really Work?

Orgone Mobile Harmonisers while looking like a simple sticker with a pattern, it is the programming held in the chip that carries a frequency that harmonises the positive charge into negative.   

The harmonisation process has been 30 years in development assisted by the discovery of how to replicate Orgone energy after researching the works of William Reich. Reich had done the ground breaking work into Orgone energy where he observed that neutral energy force was tremendously powerful and able to neutralise many negative forms of energy.  

This enables the Orgone harmoniser to protect from harmful EMR, EMF, Wi-Fi, 5G, 4G and other toxic frequencies while balancing the human energy field. It works with radionics, codes, energetics and programming whereby specific frequencies are matched to positive energy charges thus transmuting them into a negative charge.

The mobile harmoniser frequency lasts forever. It cannot be taken out of the chip once it has been programmed. Harmonisation is not measured with a gauss meter which only shows where the EMR fields are. Gauss meters also do not measure the effects on the human body so when you have blocking or shielding EMR protection stickers that show they are effective with a gauss meter there can still be stress on the human body.

The Orgone mobile harmoniser sticker is measured with bio resonance feedback equipment, kinesiology, Moro devices, Kirlian photography and Bio Tensor instruments. These tools use the body to measure the EMR effects on its own biological system. This is why so many kinesiologists use and endorse the Orgone harmonisation chip as they can directly measure the effects on the body when harmonisation is present and when it is not.

The harmoniser sticker is the perfect size and width to conveniently fit on the back of devices such as mobile phones, laptops, tablets, baby monitors, remote phones and watches. The pattern and ink printed onto the disc help to hold the frequency infused within. They can be stuck on the back of your mobile or kept on the backing paper and slipped under your mobile cover. All other devices apply on the closest surface to the device’s power outlet.

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